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Open-Air Vehicle Shipping Near Me

Open-air car shipping typically means that your car is loaded onto a multi-car carrier along with other vehicles before being moved. Think of what you might see on the highway, moving several new cars to an auto dealership-this is an open-air carrier. A flatbed truck can also move a single vehicle, though this is more costly and generally used for door-to-door shipping.

While open-air shipping is one of the more popular and cost-effective ways to move your vehicle, customers who are concerned about weather and road debris during transit may prefer the complete protection offered by enclosed carriers.

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed car shipping shields your vehicle from the elements, offering the best protection at the best price. There are two types of enclosed vehicle moving options used in the industry: soft-sided and hard-sided.

Soft-sided enclosed uses a car shipping carrier that is covered in canvas or vinyl, offering limited protection against weather and road conditions, but more than open-air transport. Soft-sided carriers can prevent most damage from small rocks, wind, and rain.

For an extra level of protection from weather and road hazards, hard-sided enclosed transport is recommended. As one of the best options available, hard-sided enclosed transport completely protects your car from travel conditions and weather, keeping it sealed off from the outdoors.

An added benefit of hard-sided enclosed is that it also prevents prying eyes from seeing your car while it's being transported; clearly, a good precaution to take when moving high-end vehicles.



Terminal-to-terminal shipping is the industry standard for transporting autos. It requires the customer to both drop-off and pick up their car from a depot or terminal.

Open-air terminal-to-terminal shipping is the most affordable service currently available.

To offer our customers the very best, our company maintains terminals in nearly every major city in the United States. In the event that a terminal is not conveniently located, door-to-door transport is always an option.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Door-to-door car shipping costs more than terminal-to-terminal shipping but can save considerable time in transporting your vehicle when moving cross country.

The advantage of door-to-door car shipping is that there's no need to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a terminal, we pick it up for you and drop it off at the location you specify. You don't even need a broker.

There are instances in which our car shipping carriers are unable to maneuver in certain locations, such as some apartment complexes or streets with low-hanging tree branches. In these situations, our drivers will arrange to meet you at the nearest convenient location.

Exotic and Luxury Automobiles

When transporting an exotic, classic, or luxury vehicle, you want to be certain that your vehicle will be handled with the utmost care to ensure that it arrives in the same condition it was left in.

Upon request, we can even load your automobile into the first position in the shipping trailer so it does not undergo loading and unloading as other cars are added and removed.

Though shipping insurance and satellite tracking come standard with every quote we offer, it is important to consider additional insurance if your vehicle is particularly valuable. This type of insurance can be offered through your existing auto insurance plan or can be purchased through a third-party carrier.


Here are some of the services offered by car shipping companies for high-end vehicles:

  • Air ride suspension prevents “chucking” for a smoother ride

  • Wall and floor-mounted brackets are used for a more secure fit

  • Covered interior and exterior, even with enclosed transport

  • Hydraulic lift gate used for the safest loading and unloading possible

  • Drip guards to prevent potential leaks during transit

About The Car Shipping Cost Calculator


Use the car shipping cost calculator to compare vehicle moving services and receive the best shipping quotes from multiple car shipping companies. You'll know that you are always getting the best price to ship a car using the online car shipping calculator since when multiple companies compete for your business it drives the price of your car shipping quote down.

Automobile Movers Near Me

About Our Car Shipping Service


Car transport services are usually reserved for getting vehicles from source to destination. High-end services offer bespoke travel between Car shipping services, bringing a host of benefits to individuals who want their car to be moved safely and securely between locations. Shipping with a trusted car transport service allows car owners to have the peace of mind that their investment is being taken care of on the road. More than that, having professional car transportation services frees a car owner up to deal with other issues. A professional shipping company will pay close attention to details during the car shipping process between locations to ensure less chance of a scratch or a dent. Insurance will cover any severe damage that may happen to the vehicle.

If you have to move over long distances, you could choose to drive your vehicle there. However, doing so means putting it at risk of accidents or other mechanical failures while on the road. Depending on your destination, you might be driving for quite some time. Sure, insurance might cover the cost of damages, but all the time and effort it takes to prepare the car for such a journey is a headache. It's a lot easier just to hire a professional car transportation service to handle everything for you. High-end services will even allow you to track the location of your car and add extras to the transportation to ensure that your car comes out as immaculately as it went in. Not only will you have that guaranteed peace of mind, but you'll be saving money in the bargain and price lock promise as well.


Car transportation services can fall under several different categories depending on the shipping company employed to move the car. Vehicle transport services may use any number of transportation methods to get a vehicle from one point to another. Among the most common methodologies are

  • Rail Freight: These companies focus on getting cars from one point to another using the vast interconnected rail network around the US. They are either shipped open-air or within freight containers. It's a pretty quick way of getting a vehicle from one point to another, but the speed has its attached cost. Unfortunately, because of the complexities of rail transport, not every shipping company offers rail freight as an option.

  • Air Transport: Another type of service is air shipping. This is by far the fastest way to get from one place to another for transport companies, regardless of where in the US it is. Unfortunately, air transport is expensive and may cost quite a lot, depending on where the automobile needs to fly. Air transport is also the safest method of moving a vehicle as well, and with so many airports and airstrips around the country, it's easy to find a landing location near you.

  • Truck Transport: One of the most common vehicle transportation services that you'll find is standard truck. It's a no-frills way to move a car and takes a while, but the vehicle gets to its destination safe and sound; it's also the most convenient method of moving between locations. Depending on the destination, the truck can get right up to the final point before the owner gets the shipment, limiting the amount of driving that needs to be done.


Vehicle Transportation When Moving


Considering the vast number of people who are currently relocating and looking for interstate car transport services which are an invaluable asset to many shipping companies. As the number of people moving in the last year has risen including the number of people who need to transport their vehicles. The mental and emotional toll of relocation with all its associated details like arranging for moving of expensive vehicles can make it tough to focus. People who need to relocate but are unsure of how they can get benefit from using automobile transportation services. The majority of companies also provide a concierge service to pick up and drop off the vehicle reducing the amount of driving the owner must do. Drivers of these vehicles are highly skilled experts who always prioritize the safety of the vehicle itself.

Good vehicle transport services already understand the need for getting a client's vehicle to them on time. Many shipping companies offer daily updates on the car’s progress to ensure that the owner knows where it is at all points in time. Not knowing where their vehicle is can be stressful for many owners. Choosing the right vehicle transport company will help to alleviate this worry and give you peace of mind. For long drives where there is a much higher chance of something going wrong, choosing a company is the best bet. It will ensure that the vehicle isn’t driven over those massive distances.



What should you look at when choosing the right vehicle transport company? Online quotes might seem like a dodgy enterprise, but they are usually the first stop for many people seeking transport services from a company. A quick Google search will help locate a few nearby companies, but not all of them are the same. There are distinct differences between a professional company and one you can't trust.

Checking the shipping cost will give you an idea of the type of company you're dealing with. The lowest shipping cost won't necessarily give you the best option since that carrier's amenities and insurance coverage might be sub-par. Reading reviews for the nearby shipping companies can help you spot the ones that give the best service to their customers. These should be the ones you approach about transporting your automobile between your source and destination.


Vehicle Transport Near Me

Being close to a company vehicle transport company is a good qualifier since it means there's less distance to cover when they have to ship your vehicle directly to your door. Additionally, proximity means less worry about tracking the vehicle. You can pop by now and again to enquire about it. Most modern car transport services offer to monitor for a vehicle to put an owner's mind at ease. However, being close to a business doesn't necessarily qualify it as a good company. Their business practices will highlight them as being worth your time.

Safety and quality of shipping are significant concerns for a vehicle owner. Quality comes with an attached price. You want to look at its shipping options for its clients before deciding on a course of action. Additionally, the price ranges of those shipping options should be compared with others to see how they match up. The cheapest option is usually not the best one for quality. Safety is another crucial element to consider when shipping with a vehicle transport company near you. A safe transportation company will have reviews that show the best of its interaction with clients. Please pay close attention to those reviews since they will help to spot the best company for you.

Choosing the Right Company

The Right Carriers

Customer service is something that most shipping companies should have but don't. This might be due to untrained staff or unprofessional behavior in many cases. The best car transport services near you will be ones that demonstrate that duty of care to their clients that make you feel special. Shipping a vehicle is more than just loading a piece of furniture onto a freight car. It requires a delicate touch and an understanding of the owner's concerns. Both of these things ensure the safety of your vehicle during transit.

Your chosen shipment provider should have a fully functioning website as well. You can't trust a company that doesn't have a website that works in the twenty-first century. Older websites are a clue that the company doesn't keep updated. It's also a chance for the business to dodge bad reviews that might put them as less than concerned about your car. If a vehicle shipment company doesn't have a fully functional website, it's best to avoid using their car transport services altogether.

Make Sure Your Car Makes It To Its Final Location

Your Auto Transport Arrives

A delivery service you can trust will get your vehicle to its final location safely and securely. You'll be treated to regular updates on the transit. If you have complaints, you can quickly contact friendly and helpful staff. The cost of your car transportation services will vary, depending on the shipping method you choose, of course. Some methods operate faster than others, giving you quicker delivery at a higher price. A delivery service might even have a driver that will deliver your vehicle to your door. Be sure to ask them about their concierge service when you consult them about a quote.

Ensure that your delivery services provider has insurance if anything happens during transit. Most of these companies are safe, but there's no telling what could happen, and it's better to be prepared. Choosing a shipping service that is both professional and respects its former clients is crucial to getting the best value for your money.



Auto Transport

When transporting a vehicle, peace of mind that it will arrive at its final destination unscathed is a must. To help with this you can hire a shipping company. They offer services that are dependable and secure. You can even get an estimate of car shipping cost.

Vehicle owners can gain a lot from using car transport services. Insurance for your vehicle's safety during transit, availability of pickup and delivery services around the clock and no out-of-pocket costs are just a few of these perks. Car shipping services can also transport vehicles across international borders.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will arrive in pristine condition when you work with a professional transport service. Professional auto movers use cutting-edge safety gear to safeguard your vehicle during transit.

A1 Auto is an excellent choice if you need to ship at a low cost. We employ a team of trained shipping professionals and have offices and warehouses in major cities across the United States and around the world.

We can transport from airport to airport or from your front door to ours. We also offer shipping services for high end exotic and luxury vehicles. The skilled members of our team are here and waiting to assist you.

Car Transport Company Helpful Tips - Auto Transport Tips



More Auto Shipping Tips

Shipping Tips

You must use an interstate provider to ship a vehicle across state lines. These companies specialize in moving vehicles between states. They typically have higher shipping costs than local carriers because they must comply with federal regulations regarding insurance and other safety requirements.

Finding reliable car shipping is crucial. When choosing a shipping company, there are several things to look out for. Here are some tips:

1) Ask Around For Car Shipping Recommendations Of Auto Transport Service

Shipping Recommendations Are Crucial

Ask around for recommendations. Word of mouth is still important, especially in the shipping marketplace.

2) Check Car Transport Reviews

Look for shipping quotes and customer feedback about the shipping process and customer service team. You can also read testimonials posted on websites.

3) Do Research On American Auto Shipping Companies

Research Potential Auto Transport Companies

Research the company you plan to hire. Read reviews about all American auto shipping companies whether it is A-1, Sherpa Auto Transport, or Montway Auto Transport. Ask questions to those American auto shipping services, and learn everything you can about the company, including the average cost of shipping with them and their insurance coverage. You should also check the transport company's experience with the relevant delivery location and types of vehicles.

For example, larger vehicles or specific ones such as golf carts may require a private vehicle transportation company with specific experience.

4) Choose a Auto Transport Shipping Company Company with Experience

Experience Is Crucial In The Car Shipping Industry

Make sure you pick a trustworthy, long-running business such as A-1, Sherpa Auto Transport, or Montway Auto Transport. Due to their greater level of shipping experience, companies that have been around for a longer time tend to be more dependable.

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